Update May 29, 2006

From the Outside In

This project began in June, 2005 and is ONGOING, although this detailed recording session ended in March, 2006. It is an independant, unaffiliated project, stimulated by the urge to expand knowledge and to see what would happen if I followed the trail of available venues in the immediate area in which I lived.
Here is the original project description:

*"From the Outside In" is a broad exploratory project: the aim is to follow the path of investigation, and see where it will lead. I search out lectures, seminars, and classes on every topic I was interested it, whether I have had experience or not, and try to understand. I am especially interested in the "cutting edge"... new ideas about the world, that come from new discoveries, experiments and studies. I have a background in the humanities and the arts, but I am drawn to science. (I married a mathematician, who also loves art and music.) I like an interdisciplinary approach, but I want to hear the sciences speak in their pure form. As a poet/artist always dances precariously at the edge of the the mysterious universe, so science inspires and gives footing to a stance that is taken in wonder. Since I am a Caltech "spouse", I am especially exploring the vast resources for learning at Caltech and surrounding area in Pasadena . As I like to walk (in fact I'm a stubborn NY born non-driver) almost, if not all activities are walking distance from the Institute. I am also interested in the silly, the mundane, the unfamiliar and the practical, so I will not rule out anything as a topic of study. Below you will see the details and development of this project.


This project is in no way OVER!!! But some changes resulted from the progress so far. One was that I HAVE gotten on the INSIDE of many of the things that I before I looked at FROM THE OUTSIDE! I had NEVER taken dance, yoga or singing classes although all three were natural to me. NOW I TAKE MANY MANY classes in many things! I have learned the beauty of many working, playing together...where before I was more alone, or with only a few special friends. I have learned my way around the Caltech campus. I know where things are, which buildings are different subjects, and I have learned a lot about science and what happens at Caltech on the forefront of knowledge. It really has become my home. I told my husband "I never have felt like I belonged somewhere and to something before. I feel that way about Caltech. And I learned how much Pasadena has to offer, and I feel part of the singing groups and the dance groups I belong to. I am more on the INSIDE of many things, and have developed many of my talents, and been more "public" instead of private with them...but I really feel that THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!