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For Those with Trouble Signing Up - 01/09/2006
by Stephan Anstey

If you had, or are having, trouble signing up for the site -- specifically, you fill out the application and you did not immediately receive an email requesting confirmation of the application, then Please drop a note to your email provider letting them know that legitimate emails are not getting through their filters, and specifically give them our site.



Coming soon!!! - 12/29/2005
by Steve Podielsky

Hey merry typers, scrawlers, emoters and brawlers
it's coming soon
roll up your sleeves
a poetic smackdown
"The Challenge of the Steves!"

Stay tuned...

If you're happy and you - 12/15/2005
by Steve Podielsky

know it - clap your hands. Also, if you are totally thrilled by the new look of our IM's (as I am) take the time to IM Julie Cook and tell her how Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious she is for doing it! GREAT STUFF JULIE!!!!

Goodnight Mr. Pryor! - 12/10/2005
by Steve Podielsky

We thank you for the laughs you brought us and the roads forward you paved. Hope your next life is funner than this one!

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Poem of the Day for 01/10/06

Afternoon Moon and Bamboo
by Kathleen Wilson

In my small house
awakened by the afternoon,
I leave my work
and walk out into the sunlight.

Behind a bamboo fence
I sit with my bamboo plant,
waxing poetic.

a white moon,
is waiting.


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Afternoon Moon and Bamboo Copyright © 2006 Kathleen Wilson

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